April Fools' Day

        There comes a day each year where the pranksters and tricksters reveal their true natures from hiding, ultimately becoming evident to the public. A day where the menaces, young or aged, pull out all stops and deliver what is deemed as their best pranks, all meticulously planned beforehand for the purpose of this very day.  It is their most anticipated time of the month. Yes, the greatest celebration for jokers, April Fools’ Day!  

       This witty occasion falls on the 1st of April. Today, it is widely celebrated, stretching to countries all across the globe. All of you must be a little too familiar with this celebration, but does anyone have any idea on how April Fools come about? Well, let’s just safely say that the origin of this event is still unknown up to this very day. There have been many theories and relations of history to this, but none are completely credible. 

      There are many famous theories that are often told, including one called “Poisson d’Avril”. Its literal translation means April fish. It started in 1564, when France reformed its calendar and declared the 1st of January as the start of the new year, instead of the 31st of March as before. Those who stayed adamant in following the old calendar and refused to accept the new change were ridiculed and pranked. Tricksters would stick paper fish on their backs and thus, sparked the beginning of this celebration. This tradition still lives up to this day, so if you happen to be spending April Fools in France one day, always remember to be on a lookout for any cheeky acts.

      Although pulling pranks may seem like a whale of fun, April Fools is a highly debatable issue in the eyes of the public. Yes, jokes help to lighten up moods. In fact, it is scientifically proven that having a good laugh boosts our immune, thus improving the quality of our lives. However, going overboard may also be irritating to some. For example, the spaghetti-tree hoax is one of the most controversial topics of April Fools up to date. In 1957, BBC released a hoax report broadcast as a prank to its audience, claiming that there was a newly found method of growing spaghetti on tree branches. In result, some foolishly believed the prank and even called BBC to inquire further information. When revealed that all of it was a hoax, the broadcast garnered a fair amount of mixed reviews and critics. 

     In all delightfulness, have fun pulling pranks on your friends or family on April Fools’ Day. From whoopee cushions to major jokes, go all out and have a blast. Yet still, do not go too far to the extremes of tricking someone. Your day might just go from fooling around to fixing a huge mess. 

By: Alicia Koh and Sharel Chong


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