Women's Liberation

Today, there has been a recent emergence of a major movement, called the Feminist Movement. Like every breakthrough, there are two sides that stand as equally strong to their opinions as they are to disagree with another’s, - the supporters and opposers. Those who are clueless will usually side majorities as they fail to understand the concept of this crusade. For instance, the perception that feminism and misandry are in relation to each other too often becomes a defence for men to go against this movement. Feminism is perceived as a prejudiced war, raging majority of the male population in frustration. However, this is far from the truth. Women who fight for this do not wish for the world to be completely dominated by girls, as what society have thought. Feminism, humbly,  is the demand of equal rights between men and women. Though the movement is regarded as gender-biased, its main goal does in fact positively involve both sides.

 Women’s freedom is strongly circulated amongst society. We are, after all, nursed and raised by our own kind. The love and care must not necessarily come from your mother, but more so, an ordinary nurse who held you ever so dearly after your first few moments in this world. Every woman is important. Some even hold positions of power equal to men. Historically, a woman’s life is bounded by the stereotypical society streaks. Take the classic tales of Ancient Chinese for example; women have been taught from young to submit to their male partners, which often leads to domestic abuse. Even so, they still earn no rights in living their life happily.
 Women are deprived of many things, yet they are weighed down by countless burdens from society. They are expected to be and to accomplish many things, yet they are not given enough to achieve these and consequently, are looked down upon. Women are conventionally regarded in the domestic field instead, whereas men are encouraged to reach their full potential to leave a mark of success on this world. Men are motivated to dream big and become eminent corporates and doctors, while their wives are trained as a common housewife at home.
As if not enough, women are also judged based on unfortunate events that they personally condemn such as rape and abuse. Rape, where in serious cases could highly offend the victim, is often turned around to put the blame on the woman, with claims like “she’s asking for it” being made a justified bail. A woman, no matter how young, should have her rights to dress however she wishes without the a man’s selfish greed attacking her. In some religions, feminism is believed to be a test of patience and politeness towards someone, only using this to an advantage where it can actually be regarded as a threat. Of course, this is not how real feminism works. Respect among one another is vital for equality to happen.
Iconic women have had years of sweat and tears to earn a status for the whole of female population today. This legacy must continue for all women to be respected with rightful treatment. We, as women, have come a long way since the poor and submissive stereotype were bluntly labelled on us. Therefore, the fight for equality, or feminism, is one movement that we should never lose our focus on. We, as women, must always stay united to rise against all flaws thrown at us. We are in for this fight for right together. We are one, forever bonded. 


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