Finally Free From Home

After all the tiring work our loving mothers have gone through, just for the sake of us, have you ever wondered about giving them a well deserved break? When you think of it, mothers go through all the drudgeries of a housework; arms sore from having to carry the heavy laundry basket in the morning, to the beads of sweat on her forehead from the heat while cooking dinner. Yet still, we hear complaints barely coming from their mouths. Why? Simply, because they want the best for us. The sound of laughters from the dinner table, - having the family with all smiles - is enough to remove the exhaustion and make it worth. 

Mothers are the embodiment of a superwoman, and sometimes, even superheroes need a little rest from the stirs of life. So, why not you take over the chores and let your mother relax once in awhile? After all, such significant days like International Women’s Day would not be founded without a reason. Annually, this event falls on the 8th of March. Some women wear a purple ribbon in celebration to this special event. Mothers are the queen of the house hold, so it is acceptable to make her feel like one too, - and what better day to show your love and appreciation for strong women as your mother, than this date?

International Women's day is the day where we thank, recognise and honour women of every culture, every nation. Women, unlike men, holds a much bigger responsibility in handling their lives, in all aspects. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, mothers are always there, ready to listen to our heavy rants. However, let us not make this particular event as the only day where mothers,- or women, in general - are treated with equal respect to the world. Instead, this should be witnessed on a daily basis. If only this were to be practiced, how pleasant the world will be. 

With all that being said, prioritise your mother above anyone else. They are what lies at the heart of a true woman. Their love is unconditional. After all, she is our superwoman. We should see her as a role model, looking up to an inspiring figure in such awe. Before you learn to love any other woman that you come across in your life, love your mother. 

Thank you. 


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