WOTM: Amelia Earhart

This issue’s Woman of The Month was, for someone of her age and gender, ahead of her generation. Her pioneering spirit lead her to build a better future. Amelia Earhart was looking into the future.

Thinking that it was a mindless pursuit, Amelia was never fond of the idea of flying. Although she did not quite fancy it, she decided to give it a try anyway. From then on, her love and passion for flying was born. What we can take from this is to never have a close mind. Amelia was never afraid to try new things and would never waste an opportunity to explore the extraordinary. I guess being up in the sky gave her a sense of freedom, like birds defying gravity, especially having the ability to temporarily break free from the gender bias and cultural restrictions on the ground. 

As a child, Amelia rarely had the chance to travel and when she finally could, she wanted to see it all. Due to this, Amelia discovered her spirit of exploration through her travels. Amelia was always tempted to visit and see new places, not only exploring the tourist sights but more importantly immersing herself in the local culture. Never afraid to explore and try new things, she was determined to absorb as much as she had the capacity to. Amelia set many goals in life, mostly unorthodox. She taught herself and many others to live life to its fullest and to never be afraid to achieve personal dreams. She showed us how life was meant to be lived.

After making history as the first woman to fly a plane solo, Amelia Earhart began pushing the envelope and tried breaking as many records as possible. These are the characteristics of a pioneer and path finder, contributing to progress in their chosen field. She opened doors for other women. Not only did this take courage but also foresight of what the future would be. She was a free spirit disguised in flying goggles and a leather jacket. She loved flying up in the sky, looking down and seeing how small the mountains are and how vast the horizon is. The edge of space must have beckoned her and if she could travel into space, she would be in awe at how small the entire earth is. She was a traveller, a wanderer that sought to see the future.

After the tragic loss of Amelia Earhart, many conspiracies about her disappearances continued to put her in the public limelight. If she were alive today, I would not be surprised if she had been the first woman to travel to space because that is just the type of woman she is, always looking into the future.

Humanity progresses by the deeds of futuristic individuals such as our Woman of The Month, Amelia Earhart. So let us not look back with regret but instead, look forward with great expectation. The future belongs to those who dare to dream.


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