Editor's Note: Futuristic Issue

We live in an era where affection from parents to their child is replaced with iPads, where maintaining the theme of your Instagram feed is more stressful than maintaining a straight A report card and where conversations have been replaced with scrolling through the News Feed of your social media account. Why has this happened? Well, we've just found so many new ways to distract ourselves and here's a surprise for you: we're all just looking for distractions and easy routes. In attempts to quiet down their child, parents will just shove the iPad in front of their faces. Instead of working hard to ace that test, it's easier to work hard on maintaining an aesthetically appealing Instagram feed. Instead of picking your brain hoping to find a topic to discuss with your peers, silence and scrolling sounds much easier. 

We're afraid of being left alone with our thoughts. Heaven forbid we recall that embarrassing thing we did in 2005 or the boy that broke our heart. So instead of overthinking and potentially allowing your thoughts to ruin your mood, you distract yourself. When you're waiting at the bus station, you reach into your pocket and pull out that phone, simply to avoid being devoured by your thoughts. In our abuse towards technology, instead of using technology as a research platform, we use it as a distraction and an easy way out from reality. Truth hurts doesn't it?

Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.
- Douglas Horton


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