Snow: A Symbol of Purity?

We have reached that time of the year again; where hot cocoas are in high demand, overpriced sweaters are ubiquitous, and of course, the white layer that covers the dull grounds with its fair flakes. If you are lost in translation and wondering what the latter could possibly mean, well here is another term that might ring the bells in your head; snow. When coming across the aforementioned word, minds would undoubtedly jump to the thought of Christmas. If not so, thoughts of the ever so famous Disney movie, Frozen, are in place. One way or another, ideas of this noun will indubitably relate to sheer and utter coldness. For me, on the other hand, my mind diverts to a completely different image. 

These frosty flakes serve as an amusing playground for the gleeful. Snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights are all proof that snow can bring as much entertainment as watching reruns of your favourite TV series. Those who are dying to explore the world beyond the 4 walls are lured by the beauty of a simple white coat covering the ground. Children with fresh minds, clueless and oblivious to all the dangers happening in the world feel secure in the arms of nature’s beauty that appears in front of their hopeful eyes. Maybe it is the rarity of the occasion, or maybe it is the odd trend whereby black dominates every other colour these days, whatever it is, there is something about the colour white that draws purity from the simple flake. It almost brings a palpable peace to this world.

Pushing its fair nature to the side, lets not forget that snow is icy cold. This could be taken in both literal and metaphorical asp

ects. It would be a blatant lie for me to say there has not been major accidents caused by snowstorms reported every winter season. The vast amount of flakes that fall can also overwhelm the grounds, making it harder for families to travel during the festive season. If that isn’t agonising enough, the glacial feature of this nature may be harmful to certain electrical appliances leading to an electrical blackout. In addition, the hassle of clearing the snow from the roads to allow people to leave their homes and drive safely is simply time-consuming and mind-numbing. 

Snow has existed on the face of this earth for a time that we cannot tell. Like everything else, it possesses good and bad characteristics, the yin and yang, the warmth and shiver. Snow holds an emblem of purity with its untainted colour that portrays just as much innocence as the child playing with it. However, the arctic temperature that radiates off these simple flakes prove otherwise, with the trouble that comes with it, degrading whatever good beliefs we had in snow. So, does snow really symbolise purity?


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