Editor's Note: Achromatic Issue

The definition of being bold and being beautiful has often been confused. Lets take Marilyn Monroe as an example. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t the most beautiful woman of her time and she definitely did not have the best acting skills either. So, why did everyone make such a big fuss over Marilyn Monroe? How did she become a household name overnight? Why is she still remembered today? There really is only one answer for this; she was bold and fortune favors the bold. If it weren’t for the bold decisions she made or even the bold outfits she gallivanted in, Marilyn Monroe would still be Norma Jean. Marilyn Monroe turned the heads of men so quick you would be sure their necks would snap. Almost as quick as how our attention diverts to the bolded letters of a paragraph.

Everyone has seen a still shot of Marilyn Monroe from the ever-so-famous "Seven Year Itch" scene. For the people with an atrocious lack of knowledge regarding movies, I am referring to the picture of Marilyn Monroe in the white dress above an air vent. In conjunction with winter and Marilyn Monroe, the theme for this month's issue is "Achromatic". 

"Make bold choices and make mistakes. It's all those things that add up to the person you become"
- Angelina Jolie


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